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 Red Return

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Red Return   Fri May 20, 2016 6:25 pm

The Montgomery Fleet was given a colony, a station and five vessels near the Klingon Empire. The recreation of the King's Fleet reality should have made Monica very happy. She had the power over the region but the highly structured approach by the Montgomery Fleet and Admiral Brandon Montgomery did not have the freedom of the King's Fleet. No one entered Klingon territory just to rile up the Klingons. Everyone just follows the rules.

Monica missed the reckless but adventurous leadership of the King's Fleet. Monica learned the Saehir had been proven responsible for the boy King Nicolas. Saehir and the Romulans were trying to bring down the colony. She returned to Romulus.

Monica listened to the concerns raised by the Montgomery Fleet leadership over the return of the former Romulan Praetor. The leadership opted to avoid Marrus and the Eagle's Talon task force. Monica was literally pissed off when she learned that the Montgomery Fleet was choosing an appeasement approach. Monica was also hurt that the Romulan had made Deveniss look bad. She still cared for the Selayan.

Monica approached Vincent about joining the temporal operations. Vincent was not happy with using the tactical skills of Admiral Monica Montgomery but he allowed Monica to return to the marketplace on the castle floor. Monica was stunned to learn that she was selling chamber pots in the market place. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Monica learned that Deveniss had returned from the field. He was removing his armour in armoury. Monica snuck over to see the snake man. Deveniss turned into the darkness to see his former mate.

Monica looked at sheriff, "I heard that Saehir left for Romulus. It is cold here. A person needs another person in the bed just for the warmth."

"You left remember.", Deveniss began hanging up his armour.

"I left but at least I did not try to damage the colony.", Monica offered a counterpoint.

Deveniss did not budge. He removed his breast plate. He looked over to see Monica propped up on the table in the armoury with her legs open. Deveniss could not help himself. He was a man after all.

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Red Return
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