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 For Your Safety

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PostSubject: For Your Safety   Fri May 20, 2016 6:27 pm

Autumn was furious to see Val on the bridge of the Plato. She screamed at her CO that she could have returned to her normal form as a beautiful red headed woman covering the Tholian core and not stayed as the muscular make used for Nicole Branson's stupid gender balance process used while the Queen served as Chief of Staff.

Val tried to explain that she felt better treated as a male every since she served as the commanding officer of the Archangel in Saskatchewan. She wanted to give it a try. Autumn shouted, "We are through!"

Val had already been left by Autumn over their sexuality and sexual relationship. Val also knew that she needed to do a good job with the Plato if she wanted more than a training command again in the King's Fleet. Val made the decision to keep Autumn aboard as the Chief Tactical Officer despite their failed relationship.

Val had actually hoped that Autumn would serve as Executive Officer but that was not a reality now that they were at odds in their relationship p. Val had learned that Dawn was unhappy tending the horses on the surface and that the T'Waakian hybrid wanted to return to space. She left the King's County Police Department rather than give up her appearance. Despite its obvious source of bullying, Dawn Keystone knew who she was. Val respected that.

He traveled to the surface to ask the stable mate if she wanted to serve on the Plato. Dawn knew that it was a big step backwards from being a former Executive Officer aboard the Quest or commanding her own ship but she had to start somewhere. Dawn agreed to return to the Ambassador Class.

Dawn and Val were sitting together when Autumn and Thandie came into the officer's mess holding hands. Apparently the girls had formed a bit of a relationship since returning to space. Dawn could tell that her commanding officer was hurt seeing his helmsperson and tactical officer coupling up.

Dawn went upstairs as Val went over to the bridge before retiring himself. Val walked into the kitchen area of his quarters. It was so nice to have access to replicators again. He stepped around the corner to find a naked Dawn Keystone bent over.

The muscular Val Sanders felt his manhood come alive. He smiled as he unzipped his uniform pants allowing them to fall to the floor. He grabbed the hips of his Executive Officer and thrust inside. He told Dawn that his VHS appearance would have to be maintained by increased hormone production primarily associated with sexual behaviour or Dawn would risk exposure to the intense internal temperature of his Tholian heritage.

Dawn moaned, "I can live with that!"

The pair were soon collapsed on the floor breathing very heavy. Dawn looked at Val, "You are not turned off by my donkey legs or tail?"

Val smiled, "As long as you are not terrified by the fact that my internal temperature is so hot that any fluid ejected could be fatal if the VHS hormones are not maintained."

"Regular sexual activity keeps the human hormones flowing. I am not scared.", Dawn smiled.

Val lifted her tail. Dawn looked at Val, "Again?"

Val smiled, "It is for your safety."

Dawn giggled as she wiggled her ass up against the commander.

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For Your Safety
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