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 Not What She Thought

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PostSubject: Not What She Thought   Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:57 pm

Priscilla cursed very loudly as she looked at the badly damaged Tie Interceptor. She loved the Daagh Star. It had been a gift from her father, Petrovich Rand Daagh, an ISB senior official. She could see the smoke from the crashed Millenium Insectia. Frustrated and needing to survive, she hiked towards the smoke. She was going to give the pilot known as Click a piece of her mind.

She came across the downed ship, still smoking and in some areas on fire. The Imperial tore away debris exposing Colonel Tanus of Gorn. She screamed, “A Boosk!”

Tanus looked at Priscilla, “I am Colonel Tanus of Gorn.”

Prissy laughed, “This is hilarious. You were the Correlian’s muscle.”

Tanus looked at her puzzled, “Correlian?”

Prissy started to move away debris with the help of the Gorn. She finally exposed the cockpit. She pulled back the screen to see Click, the Xindi Insectoid for the first time.

Prissy screamed and started backing up as Tchilick Tchilack, The ant like alien climbed from the debris. She looked at the alien in disgust.

Tanus looked at her, “We need to start walking towards Opera. The Governor has established refugee housing for all of us.”

“I have to go find my father.”, Priscilla snapped back, getting to her feet still in her white Imperial Uniform.

“If your father survived, he will be at Opera.”, Tanus offered.

“I can do this myself.”, Prissy snapped.

She was soon out of sight. Priscilla was replaying the last few months and more so her engagements with the Millenium Insectia. Priscilla also had engaged Click in a solo dogfight while Click was still flying his Stinger fighter. Priscilla recalled very clearly losing to Click. He had her locked. He could have killed her. She begged for her life. He promised to spare her if she gave him deeply personal. Click suggested she give him a pair of her panties.

Priscilla had at first refused but the sound of the laser lock was defining. Priscilla removed her panties and sent them in a empty missile shell to the Stinger fighter. Her father would have furious to know that she was not wearing Imperial Officer issued boxers but instead super cute pink panties with frilly white lace edges. Click had left with a yahoo.

Priscilla knew of the pilot’s fascination with Han Solo and formed in her own mind an image of a younger Han. She thought he was a handsome Corellian male not some kind of bug. Her skin crawled. She was disgusted.

Still, she owed the Xindi her life. She had pulled him from the debris. They were even or were they?

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Not What She Thought
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