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 Path to Evil

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Path to Evil   Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:35 pm

Varno looked positively dark in his black armour standing before the 2395th Legion. They snapped to attention in absolute unison. He was nearly ready to move on Opera and take the colony in the establishment of the Galactic Empire in Federation Space.

Varno had met with Admiral Daagh. Daagh has sacrificed his rank to serve on the USS Plato’s Academy as a officer in waiting. Daagh had suggested to Varno that the only true way to get the entire Imperial Refugees on his side was to have Lady Thylara endorse his leadership as Darth Varno and become his second. She would be the Sith Lord and Varno the apprentice and the rule of two would be met. The Shocktroopers would follow him to Omega Center and he could bring down Branson and her Republic.

Varno reaches out to Imperial Scientist and Empire Loyalist Duro Olwood Daag. Dr. Daag was a physicist who helped design the Fourth Death Star. Daag was tasked by Darth Varno to find Thessa Valero. If they could find Thylara’s mother, they could entice her to join his burgeoning Imperial Uprising.

The Duro would cross paths with Colonel Acrylos Teero. Olwood traveled to Bajor with Colonel Teero only to find out that Thessa Valero had not arrived in Federation Space a few months ago like the Multiverse Rift but instead had been thrust into the past to the time of the Cardassian Occupation. The Jedi Master had linked up with the Bajoran Militia and had fought against the occupation.

Thessa was even given nose ridges in tribute to her service to the rebellion. Daag that this was the perfect scenario. Thessa was killed. Thylara would be enraged and would once again be turned to the dark side.

Daag returned to Lakaria Courascant and invited Lady Thylara to meet with him and with Darth Varno. Varno was very upset to learn that Jedi Master Valero had been recognized as Vedek Valero. How would spin this so that Lady Thylara would join him?

Varno launched into a tirade about how the Federation had taken her mother. It was the Federation that was to blame. Only by taking down the colony could she restore order. She could be the Empress and the Sith Lord to his apprenticeship. Thylara was at least listening.

Colonel Teero came in. The Bajoran had a revelation. Thessa Valero was killed by a Cardassian. Thessa Valero was killed by a high powered Legate of that era. Thessa Valero was killed by Vash Enranet. Thylara was devastated. She knew Vash. She had met him here. He had been kind and helpful and had sided with the King’s Fleet. Thylara did not know his history. Vash once commanded the Cardassian Forces. He was once the epitome of evil.

Varno jumped at the chance. Enranet was the enemy. Thylara should side with him.

Thylara was confused. She walked out. 2395-1 looked at Varno, “She will see the path now. The Empire will rise out of the ashes.”

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Path to Evil
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