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 A Human King

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PostSubject: A Human King   Fri May 20, 2016 6:19 pm

Jessie was in the palace looking in the mirror as her Tellarite features had been restored. She had heard the groundlings discussing the cursed playmate of the Queen. She had heard about the pigs snorts as the groundlings taunted the Queen.

Jessie knew that Nicole had gone for a walk amongst the common folk with a small cloth bag of gold pieces. She knew she would return shortly.

Jessie turned as Nicole entered the palace.

It was eerily representative of the pose that ruined her career on Tellar. She looked at Nicole, "I will gather a couple dresses and go down to find a corner near the fire with the groundlings. I know I bring you disgrace in this reality. A queen should have a king... A human king."

"You could never bring me disgrace. You don't have it in you. I am not like other queens. In my mind, you bring my acceptance of all types of persons to live in this realm. I don't need a king. I have you.", Nicole smiled.

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Castle Camelot
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A Human King
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