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 A Man Thing

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: A Man Thing   Fri May 20, 2016 6:21 pm

It is said that one of the most famous kings of all, King Arthur ruled England for a mere 17 years. The life span was around thirty years. People died young. People did not reign long.

Nicolas probably thought that his gender sacrifice was enough to solidify his position in the realm but the Romulans did not want the Federation to continue to have access to the wormhole constant. They wanted the temporal colony to fail. Losing the king would assuredly bring the chaos that might bring down the colony and invite the inhabitants to want to return home.

Saehir Marrus has flat out denied that she played a part in the casting but it was the Romulan turned elven mate of Lord Deveniss who informed Nicolas of the curse. If he did not copulate his relationship with his mate, the cursed pig girl Keljeska Naar'Haaj, the curse would cause him to suffer the plague and he would assuredly die. Saehir and Nicole had not really been friends given her penchant for betrayal of the colonists and of her dear friend Deveniss. There was a tremendous distrust between the pair.

Nicolas sat with Jessie. He told her of the Romulan curse and of his distaste for the ugliness of straight copulation. Nicolas described in vivid detail bring bent over the desk and mauled by Admiral Bruce Montgomery. Nicolas described how much she hated the experience. Nicolas actually entertained the thought of accepting death as the alternative.

Jessie tried to convince Nicolas that this was imports to save the colony. Nicolas went for a walk. He overlooked the beautiful countryside. He walked back into the palace and up to his bed chamber. He was startled to see a naked Jessie laying on the bed.

She lifted her opening enticing the king to prevent the Romulan attack on the temporal colony. Nicolas removed his robes and slid in behind the Tellarite. He was almost disgusted as his manhood hardened. Nicolas slid the tool inside the Tellarite. He began thrusting in and out of the Tellarite. Nicolas could not believe what overcame him as he grabbed her and began thrusting harder and harder. He was compelled by his hormones. He pounded his Jessie. Nicolas' manhood puked inside the Tellar Queen and then the agitated human rushed to a nearby bucket and puked himself in disgust over the vial masculine nature of his aggression.

Jessie looked at Nicolas panting in her own right, "You did just fine. You are the King."

Nicolas slumped down near the bucket, "I am sorry for my behaviour."

"Honey you are the man!", Jessie smiled walking over to wipe his mouth and kiss him on the forehead.

"I hate the sheer aggression and dominance of male sexuality.", Nicolas started to tear up.

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A Man Thing
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