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 New Mission - High Hand Wins

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: New Mission - High Hand Wins   Mon Jun 09, 2014 7:16 pm

TihloQ Kabarann was a former colony governor on his quest to become a Chancellor of the Klingon Empire. In an effort to raise the funds to take a run at the role of Chancellor, TihloQ played a game of chance with the Ferenginar national Zek Ishka.

Ishka won the hand and was technically awarded the colony of Reykja Penthe. Unable to collect, Ishka backed away but now with a Federation style democracy on the colony, the notorious Ishka has made a legal play for the colony going so far as to call himself the unofficial governor of the colony.

It will be interest to see how this plays out....

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New Mission - High Hand Wins
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