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 The Choice

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PostSubject: The Choice   Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:14 pm

Vanessa begged him not to go. Thua’ra looked at her, “This is my chance. I served with Colonel Teero on the Tanmesad. I understand his theories of industrial replication. I can build my own Courascant and I can convince the Shocktroopers that I should be their leader.”

Vanessa looked at the Cardassian, “This is totalitarianism. We have moved beyond this.”

“This is my chance to build up my Union once more.”, Varn responded, “These Shocktroopers are the new Jem’Hadar.”

Vanessa looked at Varno, “What if I begged you not to go.”

“I choose power,”, Varno showed his Cardassian heritage.

Vanessa looked at Thua’ra and pulled down her shirt. The young Betazoid exposed her breasts to her Cardassian confidante.

Varno smiled, “While they are beautiful, I choose power.”

Vanessa looked at him, “You chose wrong.”

Varno just walked away leaving the Betazoid standing there.

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The Choice
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