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Nicole Branson

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PostSubject: Mommy Branson   Tue May 22, 2018 8:18 pm

Master Sunna was with Governor Branson discussing the mission of Lady Thylara to resurrect Darth Sidious and Darth Vader and her efforts to rip apart the fabric of time to find the founding Sith Lord.

Master Sunna was shocked to learn of the existence of Dr. Xact Tchilack and others who have died in the history of the King’s Fleet. Vreez talked openly about spending some time with Edosian Xindi Hybrid. Master Sunna talked at length about the possibilities of contact with the ancient Jedi Masters.

Nicole loved the speculation. She walked from the Omega Circle back to her apartment when she was confronted by Admiral Viceroy, “Nicole, you need to come with me. I have something amazing to show you.”

Vincent took Nicole to the Camelot Medical Center. He took her to an examination room. Vincent took Nicole by the hand, “This will be a bit of a shock.”

“The examination room was empty just thirty minutes ago when the Multiverse Rift once again reared its ugly head. Please try to stay calm.”, Vincent squeezed her hand as he took Nicole to the window.

Nicole started to cry, “Brenna!”

Nicole slowly opened the door. Brenna looked at her, “Mommy.”

Nicole fell to the floor. Brenna knelt down next to her mother as Dr. Peneleaus Prang’Laar walked over, “Are you okay?”

Vincent looked at the Tellarite Doctor and asked her to come with him. Nicole slowly awoke and she held Brenna so tight. She was so young. Brenna finally broke the silence, “Mommy, you are squishing me.”

Nicole just sat on the floor with Brenna holding her.

Vincent stood with the Tellarite Doctor as she was shown the personal logs of her relationship with Governor Branson. She gasped at some of the pictures of the pair together. She watched as Nicole bed several other Tellarites. Penny looked at Vincent, “What should I do?”

“This is not normal. I cannot offer you any advice.”, Admiral Viceroy looked at the monitor.

“I need to sit down.”, Penny stumbled backwards.

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